What is Alwits?

In the new normal where digital seems to be the only way forward to execute important tasks, Alwits is a platform that enables you to examine and assess a prospective candidate or an academic student remotely. With robust coding and Artificial Intelligence’s assistance, Alwits provides a seamless interface for conducting online tests without the element of being deceived.


Sources of Deployment


Can cover unit tests, Quick MCQ Tests and even quarterly descriptive examinations.


Can cover unit tests, Quick MCQ Tests and even semester-wise/yearly descriptive examinations for a particular college.


Can cover unit tests, Quick MCQ Tests and even semester-wise/yearly descriptive examinations for the entire university.

Recruitment Portals & Agencies

Generally first-screening by HR or the placement team is based on a rapid test and Alwits can come handy in it. For specialised technical positions, even analytical tests can be conducted.

Quiz Events

With social-distancing the new normal, we may see the quiz events which participants eagerly wait for taking place virtually and here Alwits can come handy.

The end-to-end Process

Key Features

Multiple analysis tests
Multiple analysis tests

Covers all kinds and structures of examination

Question Bank
Question Bank

Customised as per your need


AI tools like face-recognition and activity tracking provide a cheat free environment

facility evaluate
Facility to Evaluate

Alwits help you assess based on applicant’s performance

Test Formats

Alwits is a product devised in a flexible manner so that it can be put into action for various purposes. As we have listed above, this will not just help you conduct a quick test for a quiz event but it will also facilitate you to conduct a proper College/University level examination which requires descriptive solutions. The tests in Alwits basically come in three formats.

Short Format

The short format tests majorly include Multiple Choice Questions or Questions that require one-word answers. This can be customised as per the client’s need like incorporation of checkboxes and radio buttons are common modifications.

Descriptive Format

This is exactly parallel to writing your solutions in supplementaries. Basically, it will have a form-like structure where Questions will be asked and a space will be provided where the applicant or student can freely write the solutions. The Descriptive format can also feature the short format questions if we need a customised all-inclusive test.

Programming-based Format

Since, we have devised it in a manner which can be used for all kinds of examinations at the higher level examination, one would wonder if they are applicable to engineering colleges where coding is a crucial part. The answer is ‘Yes’. Alwits come with the facility of conducting an on-line code-based exam wherein the students can punch in the code that can be evaluated later.


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